Q: How do I submit a request for a NYRR club points race bib?
A: For eligible crew members, notify our NYRR club representative (Thanh Ly). Include the race name and the request type (A or B). You may submit a request pre-emptively or upon announcement of race bib availability in the SRC WhatsApp community. See the SRC Race Calendar for a complete listing of eligible NYRR club points races.

Q: How often can I request an NYRR race bib?
A: Crew members can request up to four different NYRR club points race bibs throughout the year. A member must specify the request type as either “A” or “B”, based on preference. For any given race, “A” takes priority over “B” requests.

Limit by type:
A: 1 request per year
B: 3 requests per year

Example: For Brooklyn Half Marathon, seven crew members request bibs. Three of the requests are “A”, and four are “B”. Bibs are granted to the “A” requests, and the “B” requests are entered into a lottery drawing for the final (fourth) bib.

Q: What are the eligibility rules regarding NYRR race bibs:
A: Minimum Consideration (all of the following):

  1. Registered Splits Run Crew member. Joined via www.splitsrun.com
  2. Current NYRR club affiliation with Splits Run Crew.
  3. Participation: Attend a minimum of one group run in each of the preceding three months from the bib request window.

Additional Consideration:

  1. NYRR total bib allocation. NYRR is limited to a fixed number of bibs across all clubs. As such, bibs are not guaranteed but subject to a first-come first-served rule of thumb. In general, requests are granted when submitted by club representatives on the first open window date.
  2. Total number of crew member requests. NYRR permits a maximum of four bib requests per club, per race. If more than four crew members are interested in a bib for a particular race, then additional considerations are taken into account and/or a lottery drawing will take place.
  3. Crew member’s level of active participation within the crew.
  4. Crew member’s history of race bib acceptance. For example, a crew member that has accepted a club bib for the 2024 TCS NYC Marathon may be subject to lesser consideration for the 2025 marathon bib.

Q: What is a Splits Run Crew (SRC) active member?
A: In addition to attending group runs, active crew members often demonstrate multiple forms of participation, including: contribution of ideas, helping/encouraging fellow crew members, organizing group runs, and leading or supporting crew events – all with good intentions and positive spirit.