About us

We’re a running crew based in Mineola NY. Our group runs are held locally on weekdays. On weekends, we venture throughout Long Island and New York City. We also host social events often, and travel together to fun race destinations. Runners of all levels of experience are welcome to join us.


Our morning crew group runs are held six (6) days a week. See our Crew Runs schedule for timing and locations. Questions? Message us via Instagram or email.


Intentions & Motives

  • Unite the running community.
  • Create lasting value that extends beyond the run.
  • Support both performance and health goals.
  • Harbor safe running practices & environments.


  • Speed (fast or slow) is relative. Look inward for improvement.
  • Teamwork enhances individual effort.
  • Running happy leads to sustainable progress.
  • Celebration is key. Wins include both races and all the hard work along the way.

Citizens Queens 10K (June 15, 2024)